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Services offered in both English and French


D. Cognitive Health Counselling Clinics in Chilliwack and Surrey provides counselling and support services to youth, adults, and families for health, relationships, and life transitions.

At any time, any one of us can experience physical, psychological or emotional imbalances caused by daily life’s challenges. May it be Couples, Family, Abuse, Trauma, Anger, Anxiety, or Addiction issues, how each of us deals with them will make a huge difference on our lives. Seeking the guidance and support of a professional can help us find better tools to deal with them efficiently and function better again. Don’t let any of these issues take away your happiness and the life you deserve.

At the Chilliwack and Surrey Counselling and Support Centres, we offer a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment where you will feel accepted, comfortable and empowered in order to share your experiences. We will support you in finding the right direction and balance, so that you can function better again.


Our service fees start from $150 a session. We accept cash, cheque, E-Transfer payments, bank and credit cards. A sliding scale is available.

Our services are covered by many extended health care plans, such as, Great West Life, Sun Life, etc. Please check with your plan regarding coverage.


• Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society
• Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
• Stroke Recovery Program, Chilliwack
• Member of British Columbia Association of Social Workers
• Member of Canadian Association of Social Work
• Member of British Columbia College of Social Workers

Meet the Team

Dr. Windy Solla Founder

MSW, RSW, PsyD., Executive & Clinical Director

Cognitive Health Counselling Clinics

I practice Active Listening for clients to feel respected, accepted, safe and comfortable during a session. As a therapist, I look at a therapeutic relationship between me and clients as a partnership, or a collaboration, more than expert/client relationship. I respect the clients’ autonomy and freedom of choices. The variety of professional hats that I wear, and 10 years’ experience in counselling, are assets to the issues and challenges that affect the clients who come to Destination Cognitive Health Clinics.

After a Master of Microbiology, four years’ working as an emergency room nurse, a Master in Social Work, I Graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; I believe that the uniqueness of each individual deserves an individual approach. This means that there’s no panacea to mental health and life challenges. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the main approach I use to my clients’ issues, because I believe that everyone can operate change in any area of their life that is not beneficial to their wellbeing. All it takes is the client’s personal decision and readiness.

Cameron Robertson

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Destination Cognitive Health

As we move through life we can all face struggles that are difficult to navigate on our own. Anxiety, depression or feeling stuck can arise from many different experiences: Relationship challenges, loss of a loved one, divorce, maladaptive communication patterns, changes in career or station in life, parenting struggles, issues around self-esteem, schooling, purpose and meaning, setting boundaries, trauma or abuse. I aim to help my clients, whether adults or youth, heal and grow as they move through periods of change.

As a counsellor for youth, adults and couples, I believe in building a trusting relationship and forming a partnership to assist my clients through the challenges they are experiencing. My therapeutic approach combines emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioral and solution focused therapy. I believe that relationship is key in counselling. I am a father to three great kids and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. I enjoy reading, cooking and travel. It is important to feel comfortable and safe in our work together. With that foundation, we can delve into your challenges and find support and solutions that work for you.

Jessica Nguyen

Registered Massage Therapist

Cognitive Health Counselling Clinics

Jessica is a graduate from the Registered Massage Therapy program at WCCMT, where she gained clinical experience working with all types of populations and conditions such as overuse injuries, prenatal massage, and chronic pain. She believes in tailoring your treatment to your needs, whether it be achieving optimal function or relaxation. She is committed to empowering her clients by not only addressing their pain, but by also individually working with each client to educate and prevent dysfunction caused by musculoskeletal conditions. Jessica enjoys incorporating many different techniques in treatment including active and passive stretching, Swedish massage, myofascial release and more.

She believes in a thorough re-evaluation at the end of each treatment to ensure patient needs have been meant. From there, each individual is given home remedial exercises relevant to their goals. Jessica’s goals as a Registered Massage Therapist is to encourage patients to have a better understanding and new-found knowledge of themselves, such that they can continually see progress and exceed even their own expectations.

Caijsa Jackson

Office Manager

Cajiša Jackson

My name is Caijsa Jackson (pronounced Kaysha), I am the Office Manager at Destination Cognitive Health Clinics Inc. I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley, with an Applied Business Technology Certificate, including Medical Terminology, with 10+ years’ experience as an administrative assistant, I also have been a Board Member for the Military Family Resource Centre in Edmonton Alberta.

Today, that acquired knowledge, and proficiency, benefit our clinic and our clients. My daily tasks include assisting with daily office duties, including booking clients for consultation or scheduled meetings with our exceptional psychologists, counsellors, and massage therapists. As a mother of 5 children, I understand the importance of taking good care of our mental health as we do for our physical health and well-being. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you book your next appointment.


Services offered in both English and French

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Life Transitions

• Grief
• Loss

If you’re going through a difficult life transition, let D. Cognitive Health Counseling Clinics assist you in traversing this difficult time. Give us a call today.

Therapy and counselling for cognitive health issues


• Addictions
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Mental Health
• Mood Disorders
• Suicidal Thoughts
• Trauma
• Motor Vehicle Accident Related Illnesses (ICBC)

Cognitive Health Counselling Clinics


• Abuse
• Anger Management
• Family Conflicts
• Intimacy Enhancement
• Couples
• Marriage
• Divorce (support of children after family dislocation, Parenting Capacity Reports, writing, Section 211 report writing) 

If a relationship has you feeling like you may need assistance to overcome certain obstacles, D. Cognitive Health Counseling Clinics can help. Give us a call today.

Coaching In Surrey And Chilliwack


When you are too comfortable, and you cannot get things done as you would love to, we can get you there…


Public Speaking

• Presentation
• Keynote speaking
• Motivational speaking


What is covered at this event?

Learn the science behind a happy and healthy relationship/marriage with our award-winning guest speaker, Dr. Windy Solla. Awarded 5 years in a row, from 2020-2024!

Everyone wants a happy marriage, or relationship. But to be happy, it has to be healthy. This means having certain skills. Without these skills, even if people love each other, they might not be happy. This can lead to cheating, unstable relationships, and families breaking apart, sometimes ending in divorce, leaving traumatized children in the middle of it all. We will cover the skills needed to avoid these problems.

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Chilliwack Location

Services offered in both English and French

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